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Registration. How to register an account?


Registering an Eleport account is easy – all you need is Smart-ID or Mobile-ID.

To register as a customer. follow these simple steps:


Open the Eleport registration link Eleport – Registration


Create a user account using your Smart-ID or Mobile-ID


Order a charging card or keychain-chip in case there are any issues with your mobile phone (eg. limitednetwork coverage, low battery)


Read our “General terms and conditions for charging services” and “Privacy Policy” and give your consent


Read the contract and sign it digitally


Add your payment card details and congratulations – your account has been created


You can find more detailed instructions here.

Account and data. I want to delete my account.


Please send your request to delete your account and data via contact form (https://eleport.com/lead-form/) or sending email to our customer support email ([email protected]). Our support team will reach out to confirm account deletions and disabling your RFID cards and/or keychains.


Your contract will be ended, the RFID cards closed and your user account details deleted. Data related to your contract, transactions and invoices will be stored in accordance to local accounting law.


Note: it’s possible to close you account when you don’t have an ongoing charging session and when any outstanding invoices are paid.

Registration. Can an account be created for a company?


Yes. To register a company account, follow the same steps as with a private account. If the data is correct, youraccount will be activated straight away.

Registration. Why am I having problems registering as a business customer?


If you can’t register a company, the two most likely reasons for this are:


You don’t have the right to represent the company, or


You don’t have the exclusive right* to represent the company.

* The company is likely to have a special condition of representation, which doesn’t automatically allow your company to register on our platform.


To fix these issues, review your business information in the e-Business register and change the right of representation. Or contact our customer support and we will find a solution for registering your business account.


Contact our CS and we will find a solution for your business account registration. (we usually send the contract via e-mail and then create the account manually).

Registration. Where can I see the contract I signed during registration?


Currently, it’s not possible to see the signed contract during the registration process. If you would like to receive a copy ofyour signed contract, please contact our customer support.

Registration. How many accessories (ie. charging cards or keychain chips) can I order?


You can decide how many items to order – please think carefully about how many pieces you will need.

Mobile application. How do I get the Eleport mobile app?


You can download the Eleport app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Mobile application. How do I log in to the mobile app?


Open the app and press “Profile.” Then click on the “Log in” button to log in.

Mobile application. How do I use the mobile app?


The mobile app can be used for charging. For charging instructions, please refer to the app manuals here: Android and iOS.


Please note: Only users who are logged in users can charge using the mobile app. Prior registration is required in order to log in. You can register here.


Please note: To register, you need an Estonian or Latvian personal identification number (personal code) and Smart-ID or Mobile-ID.

Mobile application. Mobile-ID isn't working.


If Mobile-ID isn’t working, please check the following:


Do you have Mobile-ID?

If not, please create your own Mobile-ID or use another authentication method to log in.

Is your Mobile-ID active?

Update your Mobile-ID and try to log in again.

Is the entered data correct?

Check the country selected in the previous step and that all of the data entered is accurate.

Mobile application. I can't see chargers when I open the app.


Sometimes it takes a few moments for the chargers to appear on the map. If you can’t see chargers on the map view after 3 minutes, please check your device’s network connectionand then wait for the chargers to appear.

Mobile application. The Navigation button opens Google Maps in a web browser, not as an app.


Make sure you have the Google Maps app downloaded on your device. To download the app, use the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Mobile application. Where can I see my past transactions?


Open the Eleport app and log in. Navigate to the menu and select “Transactions”. There you can see all your previous transactions, including transactions made with both the mobile app and your charging card (RFID-card).

Mobile application. Selecting the correct charging port in the app.


If you start charging from the app and you see that charging hasn’t started, please make sure you have selected the correct charging output.

Single Payment Portal. Where can I see my past transaction?


Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to see previous transactions made using our Single Payment Portal.

If you use our Single Payment Portal, you will see your charging summary immediately after charging, and aninvoice will be sent to the email address you entered as your contact information.

Single Payment Portal. How can I charge my EV if I don't have an account?


We recommend registering as a customer. As a customer, you can use the Eleport mobile app to charge. There you can see all Eleport charging sites and track all your previous transactions. You can register here.

If you don’t want to or are unable to register an account, you can use our Single Payment Portal to charge. All you need to do is select the site and connector, and add a valid payment card.  Alternatively, you can scan the QR-code on the charger, and this will automatically direct you to our Single Payment Portal.


Another possibility is to scan the QR-code from the charger which automatically directs you to SPP page.

Charging. How can I charge if I don't have an account?


We recommend registering as a customer. As a customer, you can use the Eleport mobile app to charge. There you can see all Eleport charging sites and track your previous transactions. You can register here.

If you don’t want to or are unable to register an account, you can use our Single Payment Portal to charge. All you need to do is select the site and connector, and add a valid payment card.  Alternatively, you can scan the QR-code on the charger, and this will automatically direct you to our Single Payment Portal.    


Another possibility is to scan the QR-code from the charger which automatically directs you to SPP page.

Charging. Where can I charge my EV?


Download the Eleport mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Open the app and navigate to the map view. Now you can see all Eleport charging locations.

Charging. My car is charging slower than usual.


The following factors can affect the charging speed of your EV:

Battery temperature

Battery charge level

Charger power

Battery temperature
If you notice a slower charging speed than usual, you should pay attention to how warm it is outside and whether you have used fast charging before. Each quick charge using fast charging increases the temperature of the battery. If the battery hasn’t cooled down enough, or if you have been using fast charging frequently, the vehicle might start to limit the charging power of the car for its own protection. The only solution in this case is to have a break from charging so the battery has time to cool down.

Low battery temperature also affects the charging capacity, and this is an especially common issue in our climate. In order for the vehicle to charge at the advertised rate, the battery temperature must generally be20°C or higher.

Battery charge level
The general rule for EVs is that the emptier the battery is, the more charging power it can handle. The battery charge level with the lowest charging power capacity is 80-100%. Therefore, if your battery charge level is already over 80%, you can expect to see a lower charging power, and this is completely normal.

The graph below illustrates how charging power capacity changes depending on the battery charge level (battery level % is shown on the x axis, and battery power on the y axis):

Charger capacity
There are dozens of electric car chargers on the market, and their capabilities are divided into four broad categories. The table below indicates the typical power, usage and charging time of these types:

Type Power Typical usage Charging time*
Slow (AC) 2-7 kW Charging from home socket 8-29h
Standard or semi-fast 11-24 kW Charging from home charger 2.5-5h
Fast (DC) 50-100 kW Public chargers 0.5-1.5h
Ultra fast (DC) >100 kW Public chargers by the roadside < 20 min

* Charging times are for 58.8kWh batteries, the average battery size for EVs (source: http://ev-database.org/ ).

In the case of alternating current or AC chargers, it’s necessary to pay attention to the capacity of the onboard charger in the car.

Charging. Do I have to stop the charging process myself when the battery is full?


Charging ends automatically when the vehicle’s charge level reaches 100%. However, you do need to free up the cable and parking space so others can use them once your car is fully charged.

Charging. I want to charge my EV, but another car is charging.


Charging of another EV can only be stopped when its battery charge level has reached more than 90%. If you stop charging below this level, we will be forced to temporarily block your account.

Some chargers enable you to charge multiple cars at once. This will depend on the model of the charger. You can use the Eleport app to see whether the charging connector you need is available for charging or not.

Charging. Can I recharge using my Eleport card in Latvia and Lithuania?


Yes, you can charge at all Eleport charging points in all the locations we operate using either the app or your charging card.

Charging. Important information regarding cCars with CCS charging sockets.


In this article, we will go over some basic information owners of EVs with a CCS charging plug need to know. This is information that even technicians at a car dealership might not know.

If an error occurs, the cable must always be disconnected

Every time the charger gives an error message, the CCS cable must be disconnected from the car and then reconnected.

Heavy cables

The CCS charging standard allows very fast charging, but this benefit comes with some downsides as well. To provide such fast charging, the charging cable must be able to handle high capacities. As a result, the cables are very heavy and unwieldy. Heavy and bulky cables can come loose or fall out of the charging connector more easily, and this prevents effective charging. If this happens, the charger senses that the contact is insufficient and sends an error message or does not start charging at all.

To prevent this, when connecting the cable always hold it against the car until you feel that the cable is locked. Please note: some charging stations do not lock until you have authorized them to.

In this way, you prevent the problems caused by the cable falling out.

On the other hand, sometimes the cable may be connected so tightly that it can’t be pulled out (it will seemlike the cable is locked even when it isn’t).

If you have this problem, lift the cable a little to relieve the tension and then pull it out.

The cable is always locked by the car

While the CHAdeMO charging connector is locked by the charger, it is the opposite case for the CCS standard. Without exception, the charging cable is always locked by the car. Therefore, if you are having trouble unlocking the charging cable, read the next section below titled “The charging cable is locked and I can’t get it out” to understand how to unlock it for your EV type.

The charging cable is locked and I can’t get it out

CCS, Type 2, and Type 1 standard connectors
With these types of charging cable, the cable is always locked by the car. Therefore, in order to unlock the charging cable, it must be released by the vehicle. In general, this can be done by pressing the door unlock button on the car key 2-3 times. Here are specific instructions for different makes of car:

Volkswagen, Škoda, Audi:  Press the door unlock button 2x or wait 5 min.

Opel Ampera-e: Hold down the charging slot lock button on the car key.

Tesla: Release the cable via the vehicle’s internal screen. In extreme cases, use the emergency trigger on the left side of the luggage compartment.

Citroen, Peugeot, Opel: The cable should unlock automatically. If it does not, press the button to unlock the doors 2-3 times.

Renault, Nissan: Use the button for opening the loading hatch on the left dashboard inside the vehicle to unlock the cable.

Hyundai, Kia: Press the door unlock button on the car key.

CHAdeMO connectors
Make sure the charging is complete.

The cable unlocks automatically. However, if this does not happen, that means the locking mechanism is jammed. A technician must come to the site and release the cable manually.

Charging. My charging stopped in the middle.


If this happens, first of all make sure that your car doesn’t have a set battery charge level limit. If it does, this will usually be set so charging automatically stops at 80% or 90%, but it can be set to 50% as well.

If this is not the issue, another point to check is where a smart charging app that manages the charging (for example, Gridio) didn’t stop the charging for you.

It is possible that the charging was interrupted due to an error. If this is the case, unfortunately the only option is to start the charging process again. Please note: If this occurs and you are charging with a CCS cable, the cable must be physically disconnected and thenreconnected.

If you suspect that someone has ended the charging for you, please contact our customer support

Charging. My charging information is not showing up on the screen.


If your charging information isn’t displayed on the charger screen, please disconnect the cable, wait a few moments, and then check if the information appears on the screen. If it doesn’t, please press the “Emergency Stop” button and then check.

If the charging information selection does not appear on the screen after this, please contact our customer support.

Please note: Interrupting someone else’s charging is strictly forbidden!

Charging. The text on the screen says: "All outlets are in use."


If the charger screen shows the words “All outlets are in use” even though you can see there are no EVs connected and charging at the moment, press the “Emergency Stop” button and immediately turn it off.

Now the charging information should appear on the screen and you can start charging.

Charging. Can I park my EV at the charger?


Before you park your EV at our charger, make sure there is enough space for others to charge. If your parked EVblocks access to the charging station, we will be forced to move the vehicle and issue you with a fine. Please also pay attention to the parking arrangement at a particular charging station, as not all chargers allow free parking.

Billing. How do I pay for charging?


Private customers

In Estonia, billing is done around the 10th day of the month with an automatic bill issued according to the previous month’s consumption.  Billing dates may vary in other markets.

Business customers

Billing is done at the beginning of the next month, with an invoice issued according to the previous month’s consumption.

In EE it is on the 10th. If other countries have other dates, it should be mentioned. Or we should all have the same date.

Other. My charging card (RFID card) (Charging Card) is not working.


You can test if the card reader is working by swiping the card. If you hear a beep, the card reader is working and this means something else is wrong. If the card reader doesn’t beep at all, then please contact technical support.

If the information: “Card rejected” is displayed on the screen, there are two possibilities:

  1. The card isn’t linked to your account,
  2. The charger is offline.

In both cases, contact customer support.

Other. Car-sharing providers (Bolt Drive, OX Drive, Elmo, Beast vehicles) are blocking the charger.


If a car-sharing car is preventing you from charging, please call the customer support line of the car-sharing provider and ask them to open the vehicle doors so that you can drive the vehicle away from the charger. If moving the vehicle is not necessary, simply ask them to release the charging cable.

The customer support phone numbers for ride-sharing services in Estonia are as follows:

Bolt Drive: [email protected]

Elmo rent: +372 527 2626

Beast rent: +372 639 4000

Other. "Emergency Stop" button.


The “Emergency Stop” button should only be used in case of emergency. To finish charging, please use the app or your RFID card/chip.

If this rule is not followed, a short-term blocking will be applied to the relevant account.