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About us


The Eleport story


We started Eleport in 2016 with a passion for EVs and a mission to make the world greener. Since then, we’ve been one of the fastest-growing players in the field. Backed by Gren (Partners Group, one of the world’s largest private markets investment managers), the Estonian mobility company Bolt, and Ambient Sound Investments, the investment company of co-founders of Skype, we plan to invest €100M+ in growing our charging network across the CEE region in the coming few years. We pride ourselves on providing energy only from renewable, EU-certified sources.


Our values



We are truly sustainable. We deliver only renewable energy. We are committed to making our planet pollution free and our streets ICE vehicle free. We work to make a positive impact in this world for all of us.


We drive change in the EV infrastructure market by bringing our passion for electromobility, positive energy and ambition to the table.


We deliver best-quality creative solutions and results on time. Our colleagues, partners and customers have full confidence that we will exceed their expectations.


We are efficient, flexible, and agile, and we look for ways to get the wildest ideas done. No matter how big we grow, we have the same startup mindset we had from day one.


How can we help?


We’ll consult you

We can help you with our expertise in the EV sector. Our experts will take a look at your site and provide you with all several options for EV charging infrastructure based on your needs.

We’ll invest our own funds

We’ll share our experience, audit your premises and draft a cooperation proposal. We’ll also cover all the investment costs.

We’ll install everything

We’ll install everything you need to start charging EVs at your premises.

We’ll be there for you 24/7

We’ll be responsible for maintaining and administering all charging infrastructure at no additional cost throughout the duration of our agreement.

Whether you want an expert consultation on charging possibilities, or you already know what you need and are ready to implement, our team is here to help.

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