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EU regulations require office and commercial developments to offer EV charging infrastructure on 20% of their parking spots. What's more, tenants are demanding more in terms of sustainability. This means EV charging is now a critical factor for developers and landlords to consider. We understand that this brings complexity. From power supply to potential new revenue streams, IT systems to charger access, our clients in this sector want to understand how EV charging will fit in. Our experienced team is ready to discuss the questions that matter most to you, including:

How do we meet the EU regulations to have 20% of car parking spots offering EV charging?

Are there smart ways to add EV charging if power supplies in the building are limited?

In what ways can we support our tenants in meeting ESG targets, and where does EV charging fit into this?

What is the earning potential from cooperating with an EV charging network, and how do these partnerships work?

Can our EV charging be integrated with other building management systems we have for access, parking and other functions?

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We are here to provide the answers, and discuss your exact EV charging needs so you can make an informed choice.

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