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iOS Mobile Application Manual

Using Eleport’s mobile app is easy. You can  find charging points, charge your EV using  your account, and track your transactions.


To start using the app: make sure you have downloaded the app from the App Store or make sure you have an Eleport account.


Please note: If you don’t have an Eleport account yet, you can register as a customer here.


Please note: The Eleport app uses your mobile phone system’s default language. The Eleport app supports the following languages – Estonian, English, Latvian.


To change language, go to your mobile phone Settings Eleport Language → and then select your preferred language.


Step 1: Log in to the Eleport app


Step 2: Select a charger connector


In the “Pick charger” menu, select the charger that matches the Charger ID, then click on the connector type you need and press “Start charging”.


Step 3: Charging 


It takes up to 30 seconds for charging to start. Charging data will be displayed differently depending on the charger type.


Please note: If meter values are not shown after 1 or 2 minutes, the message “Battery information is not available” will be displayed on the app screen.


To stop charging, press and hold the “Stop charging” button.


Step 4: Check charging summary


Check if the charging summary for the completed charging is correct.


You can start charging again by pressing the “Start charging“ button.


Please note: Before you start charging again, you will need to unplug the charger connector from the car and then plug it again.